Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sharing Tips and The Power of Editing

As for writing today, good movement with 'Lita'. Hope it is as good as it felt when I read it tomorrow.

Then I finally answered Susan's emails about writer's block and stringing words together too closely. For writer's block, I suggested she try just doing a mental data dump with her thoughts. Don't worry about form, punctuation or even meaning. Then, after the work 'ages' an hour/day, go back and work with it. As to the stringing problem. The same advice holds true. I stressed with her the value/power of editing. To me, it is almost as important as the writing. Hope I made sense and that it is what she was looking for.

At our meeting yesterday a topic came up that brought a lot of discussion. One of the writers is telling a story, an intense story, and she is yet to put names to the man and woman involved. I felt that a name would bring me deeper into her story. But, listening to others, I learned that sometimes it works better without names. The reader isn't hampered by a mental picture of someone the writer knows with that name. I see both points of view on the subject. I'm still not convinced, but it does give me pause and I'll have to give it a try.

Worked on my workshops for Spring Fling, Journaling and Short Story Writing. I'm pretty much prepared. Just need a few more handout copies. One of the handouts is a copy of writing/editing techniques from an elementary school publication called 'The Arrow Writer's Handbook' from the Scholastic Book Club. It is written in basic form, yet covers the absolutes of writing like grammar/usage/style/spelling and more. One of the best 'how to' pieces I've run across. I'm excited about the workshop, but also nervous. I hope I can make it worth the attendees time! It would be nice to sell some books, too!

Had a nice lunch with the Pioneers today at Indigo Joe's, a local sports bar. Great food, good service and fun conversation. The place has 50! TV sets!!

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