Saturday, February 02, 2008

Meeting Day - Denny's Day - Good, Good Day

Started the day with moving 'Lita' forward. Always feels good! Then it was off to the LHCWG and that is always a good day. Good writers, good people. I didn't have last meeting's subs because I was in Phoenix on the meeting day. They sounded good, quite varied in topic. They critted my 'Meet Bubba McCoy'. Some good ones with useful suggestions.

Marji handed out crit teqniques. I must have four or five various 'how to' formats. But, too much info is a heck of a lot better than too little, so it was nice of Marji to present them.

Cindi had some good news. She sent her mss out and got a request for several chapters from the publisher. Yahoo!!! It's a story of an abusive marriage. Sounds intense. Got my fingers crossed for her.

Then it was off to Denny's (Lois, Cindi, Margaret, Anne, Sherry and Evelyn). Lots of good talk about writing techniques, ideas and good old support. Oh, and some good movie reviews!

Tonight, I sent off 'Don't Let the Chini Get You' to a college anthology contest. Can't hurt, I guess.

Tomorrow is the Pioneer Sunday Social, so need to call it a night.

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