Thursday, February 07, 2008

Spring Frenzy - Part 2

What a great day yesterday. Had almost 30 attendees at my Journaling workshop. Sold a few books, both 'After the Way, Before the Peace' and the 'Offerings from the Oasis'. It was a great bunch of folks. Very attentive and willing to share their experiences. I hope the nudges that the technique handouts I gave them give them the info they seek to better their journaling experience.

Moved 'Lita' along a lot! Those Farrells are really neat folk! I meet with Dave today, so I'll be interested to see what he says about how I killed off Villasenor. He has seen the real thing and I'm just conjuring it up. The experts say to write only what you know, but if that's so, why are writers blessed/cursed with such an active imagination!!

I've not been active on my on-line writing groups and that makes me upset with myself. I learn so much from them. I haven't even submitted anything this week! But, Spring Frenzy was very time consuming and very worthwhile, so I'll forgive myself.

Got my hair cut/colored yesterday. Love visiting with Liz. Her son is getting out of the army in the next few weeks. His heart is getting better.

Kim and kids are on their way to Missouri to visit Stacy. There goes my visit from them during fireworks week here in Havasu.

Busy day. Meet with Dave for our one-on-one crits and then on to Denny's for my crit session with Lois, JOan and Cindi. Fun-Learning-Fun!!! Ciao!

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