Monday, February 11, 2008

A Writing, Reading, Listening Report

Good writing day!! Moved 'Lita' along with a plausable set-up/hook for the 'on-the-road' section of the novel. I worry about too many characters, but that's what I have to work with amid the Farrell family.

I've been forgetting to mention the book club on Saturday when we discussed the books of Agatha Christie. It was one of our more lively discussions. There were some who adored her work, then there were those of us who didn't much care for her. I felt cheated in the book I read. The killer was a fat, old judge. During the story, this old, doddering, fat man 'managed' to physically kill men and women half his age and size. Among the far-fetching scenarios was how he managed to drop a large marble slab from a second story window onto a former policeman. He also faked his death by putting paint on his forehead, like a gun shot wound, then folks carried his huge body upstairs and put him in bed. I guess the folks weren't too bright because they failed to notice it was paint, not blood, and I guess he managed to hold his breath for the laborious trip being carried from the parlor up a flight of stairs and deposited in his bed. Puuullllleeeesssseeeee. The Christie afficianados said I should have seen the movie because it worked quite well. I guess it's like how a terrible ending Grisham book can be made into a good movie due to good script writers who know how to keep a character true to the character the writer developed, before dropping all the beautiful set-up and just 'ending' the book. I know a writer can change the character of a writer, but the writer must bring the reader along with hints of the change and not just have it happen on the last page. It would be like describing Santa, both in appearance and action, to be a kind, giving spirit, then on Christmas Eve, he decides the long ride in the sleigh gives him allergies, so he hops a plane to the Caribbean and no presents are delivered to the waiting children. Wouldn't work, just like finding out on the last page that the killer is the fat, old judge running around killing folks. My, my I did go on about this! Oh, JOan's treats of pastries and fruit sweetened up the reviews.

Then, tonight I went over to the Writer's Forum at the college. Sue gave a program on writing for children and getting it published. The biggest turn out was the writer's group, but there were some strangers there. She provided some well laid out informations sheets and the program rolled along in an easy to follow logical order. In fact, I found out that profanity and questionable behavior is now acceptable in young adult literature, say for high school level teens. I was surprised. I'll have to tell Dave that his 'Tude' will have a bigger audience by adding that group to any marketing plans.

The middle of the day was spent banking, going to the Republican Women's luncheon meeting, signing off at the DMV on my 5th wheel (I'll miss it) and getting some shopping done at Walgreens and Family $ store. Busy day, that left no time for submitting anything to publishers/agents. Tomorrow for sure!

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