Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hannah, An Ebook!

Just a little in the way of writing today. Moved 'Lita' along with an episode about Jim's son. Is it pertinent to the overall novel? Not sure, but it stayed in line with character development of the Farrell clan and made for an interesting scene. Will I pull it when the novel is finished because it adds nothing to the story? Maybe. At least it was writing and it was fun.

Then, I received a request from an on-line friend to crit an essay she has written that she wants to submit to an Irma Bombeck competition. It was a great use of all the senses. I was honored that Joan thinks my crit would be of help, so I gave it my best shot. I'm not good at critting grammar or POV, I just know what sounds good. I hope I helped her.

Got an email from Virtual Tales today with my royalty statement. They only write checks when your royalty amounts to a certain amount and I missed it by three dollars! So, maybe I'll make the magic check writing mark next quarter. One can only hope. Oh, the editor said he is giving 'Hannah' a final once over, then within a short time, it will be available as an ebook! Yahoo! I'll try again to send info out to potential readers. I'm just glad they are keeping the story up on their site. I have a feeling that it will be 'discovered'; Hannah' is a good story.

Saw a Blues Brother's movie today. In all honesty, I thought I'd dislike it, but found it was pretty good. Don't care for Belushi or Ackroyd, but they did a good job and were not as vulgar as I normally find them to be.

Then it was off to another night of losing bingo. What gives?? Busy day tomorrow so will keep this short. Slan leat, for now!

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