Thursday, January 31, 2008

AAA LLLooonnnggg DDDaaayyy

Just got home at 11:30! What a day. Left the house at 7:30 a.m. First it was off to exercise, then Republican Headquarters for three hours, then Patti and I headed over to Bullhead City for a trip to Smart & Final, then lunch at the Panda Express (yummy orange chicken), then over to Laughlin for a trip to the factory stores, then to The Watchman for watch batteries and and finally a little gambling at the Riverside, then the Avi. No big win tonight!

But, the good part of my day was that I moved 'Lita' along before I left this a.m. Not sure how good the episode was, but I'll find out when I edit tomorrow.

Did some editing on my 'Regardless'. It's still my favorite of the six I've written, but alas my guys will probably never break free from being between the opening word and 'The End'. Too controversial and too cross genre!

Got an email from a Wings ePress author, Harley, with a list of questions for an interview with Shirley about her new novel. I let him know I'm book solid until Sunday night and suggested he call Lorraine or Shirley directly. I feel bad about not doing it, but I am so booked up with things to do until then that I just can't fit it in. Hope Shirley understands.

I'm tired! I think I hear my pillow calling so ciao!

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josjabbers said...

I don't thik Ihave read any of your new stories.I accidentally deleted the addresses. I enjoyed Hannah and After the War Before the Peace.
So would like to read more. Don't over do.
We had a relaxing morning. We had friends in for breakfast! I made pancakes and eggs and bacon and Mary brought a fesh fruit tray. Then we women beat the - out of the
men in a game of sequence! Joan