Friday, January 25, 2008

Characters telling stories

Lots of writing today, but not my creative kind. Oh, I did manage to move 'Lita' along. Interesting, I thought. In fact, I read a paragraph to Patti and she thought it worked well. We talked a little about characters and how a writer draws them depending on the writer's own experiences. Can men be strong, but soft? Can they be firm without being brutal? In my world they can, but in my world they can also be brutal, so it's all back to how each character tells his/her side of a story to the writer. At least, that seems to be how it works with me.

As to the other writing that filled my day, it was the Pioneer newsletter. I hate spending the time doing it, but I do enjoy the actual creation of articles. This was a four pager!

I received an email from Cindi via Flashers-Dozen today, so she has joined. What a great addition to the group. I called her and we have a movie/coffee time set for Sunday. I enjoy visiting with her and listening to her take on writing and life in general.

No submissions today. I must get back to subbing my books out. Counting 'Lita', I've now got eight novels written and over 275 short stories. I must try to get my work out there. I did promise myself I'd do it this year and it's only January, so there's still hope!

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