Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Compliments, ah ......

Busy day, still I managed to move 'Lita' forward. Also, got an email from Michelle on DeskDrawer about a Sci-Fi contest with no entry fee and the winners get published in an upcoming anthology. So, I sent 'Worth the Ride'. Can't hurt.

Ran into Pat at Safeway today. All is set-up for the blog forum on the 28th. She said the Prof. in the computer lab has a nice program ready. All I need to do is speak about why and how I started a blog.

Then, in the same store I ran into Anne. She's back from Colorado. It was like a mutual admiration society. She said nice things about me and my writing, the same things I think about her. She'll be at Hastings tomorrow which will be a great addition. We talked about marketing our books in England. She found an on-line list of agents/publishers in England and emailed it to me. I think I found a couple that may be interested. I hope to find the time to at least email query them in the next couple of days.

Then, I ran into Marian from my Republican Women's club. She is reading my book and she had some really nice things to say about it and about my writing. Gosh I love hearing that they like my characters. The club is doing a feature story on her this month. She is going to recommend they do one on me. Can't hurt.

The 20 'After the War, Before the Peace' books I ordered from Xlibris have arrived. I'm glad to get them before Spring Fling and it will be nice to have them for the forum on the 28th.

Tomorrow I meet with Dave for our one-on-one crits. His 'Drift' is quite brutal, but quite sad. He certainly knows how to tell a tale. Poor guy is having to crit my chick lit, but it's nice to get the male POV.

Had to bring the goodies for the club bingo tonight. I think I shocked everyone by actually baking some cookies. Of course, I had cheese cake for back up!

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