Monday, January 14, 2008

I Hear Voices!

Another month!! Where does the time go. I arrived in the Bay Area on the 18th of Dec. Had too much fun with kids and grandkids to spend time with my blog or with writing. When I got back here to Lake Havasu City, it was one commitment after another. I wasn't writing, at all! Then yesterday, I had coffee with a writer friend. Cindi is about to publish a novel she's been perfecting over the past few years. We talked about how a writer thinks and of the voices we hear and how the characters demand that their story be told and be told their way! I haven't written an original word since the 18th of Dec. and I MISS it. The words of one of my English professors kept ringing in my ear. She asked me if I was a writer, I told her I thought I was. She asked if I wrote everyday and I said no. She told me 'True writers write every day, even if it's only 20 to 30 minutes, but they do it everyday.' She had a lot more to say about this, but the phrase 'writers write everyday' really hit home. So, this morning, I went to DeskDrawer and got a prompt. It was a picture of a giraffe bent over and looking into a car. From that I got ideas for a story about a guy at work who sticks his neck out to make points with a co-worker, then ends up killing her. Odd idea from such a colorful, fun picture. Have gotten one feedback and she liked it. Said it reminded her of the TV show LA Law. I like that!

Also, I'm still working with Dave to crit each other's novels. He give me about 25 pages of 'Drift', while I've not worked on 'Lita'. And this was supposed to be my year of writing and submitting!

Speaking of submitting, I did manage to send my short story,'Bringing Home the Troops', to 'Flashfiction On-Line', but haven't' heard anything yet.

The date is finally finalized for the MCC's Writer's Forum on blogs. I've been asked to share my blogging experience, but the main speaker will be on of the college professors. I'm hoping to learn a lot more about how to make a popular blog.

Got the dates for this year's 'Spring Fling'. I'll moderate a class on journaling on Feb. 5th and one on short story writing on Feb. 6th. I have so much fun at these sessions. The excitement and genuine interest level of these seniors is contagious. They motivate me! I was down to only 2 copies of 'After the War, Before the Peace', so I ordered some from Xlibris. Hope they arrive in time for the classes. I usually sell a few to the attendees.

So, I spilled my guts about my writing. Gee, it feels good. I must do this again tomorrow!!

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