Monday, January 28, 2008

To Blog or Not - Benefits Still Not Clear

Well, the blog forum has come and gone. A little over a dozen folks showed up. I gave a quick over view, with a handout, of the why, how and results of a personal blog. Prof. Mark showed up and took over the program. He provided a thick handout with lots of info and he was a good speaker. But, well you could see the but coming, I was hoping for a beginner to expert program, but he directed us to high hit blogs to show how they can be used to gather info. I was hoping to discover ways to improve a beginner's site (he did mention graphics and music additions draw folks) and how to draw people to it. Still, it was worth the trip to the college for some of the info and it was good to see several of the folks. It seems like ages since our last writer's meeting. I'm soooo looking forward to Saturday.

Interesting day for writing. First, I moved 'Lita' along. Got that baby delivered. Now, I have to save Lita's life. What fun!

Then, I received a call from Shirley. She had the galleys for her novel sent to me for a final look. Her editor needs it yesterday. She needed me to call her editor and work out a time frame. I told her today was totally booked. But, she is such an inspiration that I couldn't totally turn her down. I told her I'll try to do it tomorrow a.m. I called her editor and she says if she doesn't get it soon, Shirley will miss the first of the month publishing date. I'd hate for that to happen, but I can only do what I can. Tomorrow a.m. should do it.

I was working on a book submission when Shirley called. Anne had sent me some agents/publishers in England, so I found one that looked like a match. I sent out my my query letter that speaks to all my novels, but I did focus on 'Abby' and gave a descriptive paragraph. I emailed the letter, an 'Abby' synopsis, a resume and a short bio. Will be interesting to see if the agency responds.

Also, still haven't answered Susan's letters asking for advice on writing. I'll have to do that tomorrow. I still haven't figured out what to tell her about writer's block as I've never had it.

After the forum, Lois and I went to Bob's. We were bad and had a scrumptious desert!! Hell, one needs to treat oneself now and again. And it was a treat!!!! Indeed!!!

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