Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sex for the Sake of Sex?

Slow writing day. Although I did move 'Lita' along. Today was a love scene. Hope I managed to get the right balance between relevant character development and sex for sex sake. After I edit it tomorrow, I'll have a good idea if it worked or not, then when I have Dave crit it, I'll get more feedback.

Oh, I did do some other type of writing today, my Pioneer newsletter. It's so different than fiction. I have to be so careful of facts. I don't envy the work a non-fiction writer has to put in to get the facts correct. I like my make believe world where I'm the creator and if I say it works, it works. So different than real life!

I am just about done getting all my press clippings and info on my writing put into a scrapbook. I worried for awhile about how it would look, but the truth is I'll probably be the only one who looks at it. Also, putting a copy of all my published stories, both on-line and in print, in a notebook. I'm actually enjoying looking at some of those that got published three or four years ago.

Got another email from Susan today. She and her girlfriend have questions about putting words together. I'll have to analyse their queries and give them feedback. I'm flattered that they ask.

Stayed home most of the day, except for this evening. I went to bingo with Sharon, Shirley and Wanda. Shirley won, but the rest of us just had fun! Streets are starting to get tore up all over the neighborhood as the sewer project goes forward. Pretty soon no one will be able to get to our house in this area! Grrrr. with that, I'll leave now and get some beauty sleep. Adieu!

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