Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Acceptance!!

At last, Shirley's pre-book release data is complete. In fact, the editor liked the interview questions I sent. I'll look forward to the release date on Feb. 1. And, to the dinner Shirley is treating me to at Shugrue's!

Moved 'Lita' along again today. Not sure about this section. A lot of 'walking around' phrases. I think maybe there will be some tightening up when I edit tomorrow.

Got a real surprise today. Received an email from the editor of Laughter Loaf. The ezine has been on hiatus due to illness, but he's bringing it back for Feb. He had my short story 'National Save the Quill Day' sceduled for last year, but it never happened. So, he wants to use it for Feb. Of course, I agreed. What a nice surprise!!

Had a lot of errands to run today, still I managed to send off my short story 'Becoming Her Own Woman' to Copper Nickel a Univ. of Colo. anthology. They won't read it until next month, but at least they have it.

Talked with Kim tonight. Always a pleasure. How did I raise such a wonderful woman!

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