Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Helping a Friend

What a day! Phew, I'm tired. Started off with taking care of Shirley's requirements with her editor. Then it got more complicated. They needed a 'teaser' (an excerpt from the book) and Shirley's bio. I managed to get that together by using Shirley's website and a steamy paragraph from the story. Then, I find out that each author must 'interview' another author who is to be published on the 1st. So, I had to create questions for a stranger, then answer questions from another stranger. Fortunately, I had a prototype from the interview I gave to Long Story Short. I cut it down and set it out to someone named Eleanor. She answered quickly and I forwarded it on to the publisher. Then I got a request from a writer named Harley. I referred him to Shirley's website. I hope he can work from that. I admire Shirley and really don't mind doing this, but it was an awful lot in a very short time. I hope all is done now and that they will do a good job for Shirley.

In the midst of all this, I moved 'Lita' along. I think I like it. I'll know when I edit it tomorrow. Sometimes it's hard to put what I've written away until the next day without editing it, but I find I spot more areas to improve if I've walked away from it for while.

I did manage to crit a FlashXer piece today from Joan. It was good to see her subbing again. But, alas, no submissions were sent today. Sad! Tomorrow, for sure.

Went to the scholarship selection meeting today for the Pioneers. As a whole, the caliber of the seniors asking for awards was the poorest I've seen in the dozen or more years I've worked on the committee. Their ability to write an essay about themselves and their goals was for the most part sub par. We finally decided on two, but we really didn't find much to get excited about.

Dave called this evening. He and Nancy wanted me to come over to see the Blues Bros., but I was with the girls at bingo.

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josjabbers said...

hi, Sharon, good job blogging! I enjoyed your St. Pat's story and admire you for helping your friend. I don't know how you manage to do so much. joan