Sunday, January 27, 2008

To End in a Preposition or Not, That is the Question...

Good writing day. Started by helping Shirley to edit her ebook. She is in favor of ending her sentences with prepositions and apparently this doesn't sit well with her editor. But Shirley held her ground. It is her writer's voice and I respect her for staying firm. As for me, I try not to do it, but occasionally no other word will work.

Then it was on to 'Lita'! Moved along nicely today. Going at the speed and direction I like. Feels good to be 'walking' with the Ferrells again.

Hope to get in some crits for Flasher's-Dozen tonight. That will make my writing day complete.

Tomorrow is the blog forum. I have my outline as to what to say, but my real hope for the program is to learn how to make it more inviting and to get folks to the site to see my links to 'After the War, Before the Peace' and 'Hannah'. I think if people check out the sites, they'll be interested. So, I'll keep this short tonight and work some more on the presentation. Should have lots to share tomorrow!

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