Monday, January 21, 2008

What If ...

Had lunch with Shirley Wolford today. She's 93, blind and can hardly walk, yet still she wants to write. She has two thirds of a story written and has found a collaborator who wants to work with her to get it completed. She is a strong personality and I'm not sure she would be easy to work with, but she has PASSION for the art of the written word. During our conversations today, she talked about the frustration she feels in not being able to go to her office and sit down to her computer and write. For her, writing is her reason for living. She made me think about what I would do in her shoes and I must admit it was a frightening thought. It brought home my thoughts about making the most of the time we have here. It's all we're guaranteed. For all we know, that's all there is - no heaven, no hell - just first breath to last. It must be used wisely!

Got another email from niece Susan asking what to do about writer's block. She says that often during the day she has dozens of ideas for stories. Then, she sits down at her computer and draws a blank. I haven't answered her yet. Not sure what to say. I've never had that problem. Oh, some days what I've written is really bad, but still it is words that I put together and can either add to/subtract from/delete them. No writer's blank for me, so I'll have to ponder for a day or so as to how I should answer her question.

Moved 'Lita' along. In fact, moved them to a new scenario. They are back in Ciudad Acuna. Also, managed to send out five crits today. Always a fun thing to do. And, I sent a not off to Sandra about Cindie joining Flasher's Dozen and Sandra sent her an invite. I look forward to reading her work. Also, sent off a short story today to a place called 7th Dimension.

I heard from Do and she will miss the next two writer's meeting. She's taking a trip to Mexico. She certainly does travel. Spain in the summer, Havasu in the winter and now Mexico.

Had a board meeting at the property owners assoc. tonight. Only two more meetings and I'm off the board!!! Lots of talk of finances tonight, but not much expertise to make financial decisions. Isn't that always the way! Well, just heard my 'you've got mail' buzz, so I'll sing off for now. slàn leat!

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