Friday, January 18, 2008

Publication & Rejection - All in a day's email!

I had forgotten that Apollo's Lyre accepted my 'Christmas Lights' for publication on their website. I found a reminder about it today and checked out the site. Wow. Not only do they have my story, they have one from Sandra and one from Wayne from DeskDrawer and a couple from Jeannie from my local writer's group. So cool!!!

On the down side of submissions, I received a rejection from Flash Fiction Online for my story 'Bringing Home the Troops. They felt it had no ending, that it was the start of a longer story. Oh, well. One nice thing, tho, the editor made some comments about over use of similar words too closely together. It was a good catch. I'll fix it and resub it some where.

My meeting last night with JOan and Lois was fun, as always. Got some good comments on the story I submitted, 'In the Eye of the Beholder'. I submitted my recent 'Recognizing a Good Man' to them for next time. I was surprised that Lois didn't submit some of her Sci-Fi story and that JOan didn't give us more of 'Teri'.

I finally typed up the hand written eulogy on Dave that I gave when we delivered his ashes into the sea up in Home Spit, Alaska this summer. It turned out nice. I'm going to put it in the book I made up of his obits and cards.

Tomorrow is the special program at MCC for Dr. Jung. If it wasn't taking the place of the writer's meeting, I'd probably drop by, but I'm so disappointed that the group gave priority to a special program over our crit session. We seem to be getting more and more away from the critting and networking and perhaps that's a good thing for some of the members, it's just not what I'm looking for in a writer's group. I really have come to love the people and respect their comments, because I know that they have all helped me grow as a writer.

I moved 'Lita' forward today and I liked this particular segment. I'm finding that I'm worrying about what folks will like/dislike about the story which is hampering me in just doing my usual data/story line dump. I need to just write, then when I go back to edit I'll see what needs to be added/changed/deleted. There, now that I've said it, perhaps I'll do it.

Went to the doctor today and she seems to think my nagging sore throat is from allergies and stomach acids. She gave me some meds to try for 3 weeks and she'll check it again. I hate taking pills, but I also hate the thought that my throat has serious problems, so I guess I'll take the damn pills. Ugh!!

Well, the wind has died down, but it is still damn cold for Lake Havasu City. Think I'll sign off and go to bed early tonight! Maybe do some crosswords puzzles while snuggled under the comforter. Ciao!

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