Thursday, January 17, 2008

Denny's Night

Have my regular crit meeting today with JOan and Lois at Denny's tonight. I do so look forward to them. I haven't decided what to submit as yet. JOan's story was her 'Teri' story about the happenings during the Sturgeon Biker week. It is a wild story that she's telling well. Lois' story is a 'twilight zone' tale. She's so good at sci-fi. I haven't had much feedback on my recent subs to DeskDrawer, FlashXer or Flashers-Dozen. I think a 900 plus word count deters folks. Still, the feedback I did receive was good.

I've been trying to work on what I'm going to talk about when I do the blog forum on Jan. 28th. Thank goodness there will be a professor there to be the main speaker.

Also, made some headway with 'Lita' this morning. I'm having trouble with conflict - how much, how little. Guess I'll just take Stephen King's advice and just write. I'll worry about editing later.

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